Student Engagement Directory

Felicia Brown-Haywood, D.Ed.
Director, Student Affairs
Director, Student Engagement
Case Manager, Student Conduct
Affiliate Assistant Professor of Lifelong Learning and Adult Education, Behavioral Sciences and Education
Lifelong Learning and Adult Education Graduate Faculty
Olmsted Building
+1 717 948 6180
Amy Labagh
Student Affairs Specialist, Student Engagement
+1 717 948 4394
Michael Melnyk
Associate Director, Student Engagement
Associate Director, Residence Life
Associate Director, Student Conduct
Member, NSO Committee
Olmsted Building
+1 717 948 6180
Brooke Plasterer
Administrative Support Assistant, Student Engagement
Member, NSO Committee
+1 717 948 4385
TaLisa M. Ramos, MSW, LSW
Assistant Director of Student Engagement, Student Engagement
Olmsted Building
+1 717 948 6180