Scholarship Thank You Video

Congratulations on receiving scholarship support!

Your scholarship was made possible by generous donors who are proud to support you in your future endeavors. They give to help deserving students like you realize your potential.

Please take a few moments to create a short video to express your gratitude to your scholarship donor(s).

In your thank you video, please:

  • Thank the donor for their support of your education through the scholarship/award.
  • Explain why the donor’s support is so important to you.
  • Why did you choose Penn State Harrisburg?
  • Share what inspired you to choose your major.
  • Share any activities in which you participate on or off campus.
  • Talk about opportunities you hope to pursue at Penn State Harrisburg and beyond.
  • Express how you hope to contribute to your field of study.

Close your video with a final thank you to the donor for the impact that the scholarship has on your educational journey.

Video Creation Tips

  • Record your digital thank you videos using your smartphone, digital camera, the Camera app on your PC, the QuickTime app on your Mac, etc.
  • If possible, record your video in landscape orientation (placing your device horizontally so the video is wider than it is tall).
  • If you are using a phone or digital camera, place the device on a stable surface or tripod during recording.
  • Record in a quiet location where you can be clearly heard.
  • Pick a location with good lighting – for example, do not sit with your back to a bright light or window.


Sample Videos

Anthony Austin
Anthony Austin
Mackenzie Hill
Mackenzie Hill
Austin Long
Austin Long


If you have questions or would like help with your video, please contact

Jodi Grothe
[email protected]

Upload Your Video

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