Currents, Vol. 29 No. 1


Milestones and Memories TimelineMilestones and Memories

Penn State Harrisburg was founded in 1966 as Penn State’s Capitol Campus, Pennsylvania’s first upper division and graduate school and one of only three in the nation at the time. In the span of 50 years, the college has grown from eight faculty members, 18 undergraduates and 165 graduate students to more than 5,000 students. 


Meade Heights slip and slideThere’s no place like home: memories of Meade Heights

When Penn State purchased portions of the Olmsted Air Force Base from the U.S. Department of Defense for $1 in 1966, the sale included 177.5 acres and 16 buildings; it didn’t include the Meade Heights housing complex on the west side of campus. That was purchased in 1968, increasing the campus to over 217 acres and 90 buildings.


Outpost logoThe Outpost: New eatery, top secret history

When Penn State Harrisburg officials began thinking about the design of the new Student Enrichment Center and it’s eatery, they looked no further than the college’s top secret military past  and the mission that would protect the President of the United  States in case of nuclear warfare during the Cold War. Its name: “The Outpost Mission”