Conversational Spanish Level 2

Continue Being Conversationally Fluent in Spanish!

An excellent opportunity for business, education, and medical professionals to continue to build linguistic bridges with the Spanish speaking community to generate meaningful communication, open dialogue, and an understanding of each other’s culture.

This course is designed for organizations that are interested in increasing their employees’ proficiency in speaking Spanish. Emphasis is on high frequency vocabulary. Class is taught to provide a basic understanding of Spanish words when conversing.
Prerequisite: Completion of Conversational Spanish or previous Spanish speaking experience

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding and use of oral language on familiar topics by participating in interactions, using Spanish for personal needs such as asking and answering questions and requesting clarification as needed.
  2. Comprehend, utilize, and integrate basic Spanish grammar to interpret and respond adequately in conversational settings.
  3. Demonstrate familiarity with selected aspects of the culture(s) associated with Spanish speakers by talking about what they have read/learned using proper Spanish syntax.
  4. Learn more about Spanish grammar, cognition, and descriptive words to discuss yourself, what you do, what you like/don't like, etc.
  5. Establish an ability to hold conversations in Spanish with colleagues, friends, family members, customers, clients, etc. by practicing conversational scenarios in order to overcome blockages and enhance Spanish pronunciation.

Conversational Spanish Level 2 includes 20 hours of instruction by a qualified and esteemed professional associate or faculty member, and additional instructional materials. The course is offered on-site at your organization or via Zoom. May be approved for ACT 48.