Conversational Medical Spanish

Improve your Conversational Fluency in Spanish!

An excellent primer for medical professionals interested in communicating with Spanish speaking colleagues, patients, and/or families. 

This course is designed for organizations that are interested in increasing their employees’ proficiency in speaking Spanish. Emphasis is on high frequency vocabulary. Class is taught to provide a basic understanding of Spanish words when conversing. No prior knowledge of Spanish is necessary.
Learning outcomes:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding and use of oral language on familiar topics by participating in interactions, using Spanish for personal needs such as asking and answering questions and requesting clarification as needed.
  2. Show comprehension of written texts on familiar and unfamiliar topics dealing with basic needs or interests by successfully retelling, answering questions, or completing activities regarding the readings.
  3. Demonstrate familiarity with selected aspects of the culture(s) associated with Spanish speakers by talking about what they have read/learned.

Some topics to be covered are:

  • Spanish Greetings/Introduce Yourself to Patient
  • Spanish Vocabulary and Phrases
  • Numbers, Question words
  • Vital Signs and Pain Descriptors
  • Chief Complaint
  • Physical Exam
  • General patient interview questions

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