Policy AD 03

There is a new implementation of the Penn State University Policy AD 03: Conducting Educational Programs Using the Name of the University. This affects programs through the Commonwealth Campuses of the university. According to the policy, “non-credit programs originating at or through any campus or Penn State location, or through a faculty or staff member, using the name of the University, at which external audiences are expected, and either 1) a program registration fee is charged or underwritten, or 2) educational value measures, or continuing education units (CEUs or other profession-specific credits) are offered, must be offered through Conferences & Institutes or the Chancellor designee.”

The Chancellor’s designee for Penn State Harrisburg, Abigail Peslis, Acting Director, Continuing Education must be provided information about the program as indicated in the policy prior to the program being approved.

Abigail Peslis

For more information, visit https://policy.psu.edu/policies/ad03