Tutorial for Web Forms

  • Go to http://harrisburg.psu.edu/user
  • Login
    • Change your current password by going to "Edit" tab. Enter the new password in both fields: password and confirm password.
  • Select a group (e.g., Marketing Research and Communications).
    • Click “Service Request Forms” and then select a service request form to administer.

To view submissions

  • Click the "Results" tab.
  • The "Submissions" tab is open by default. Click the link "view" on the far right column of the table to see each submission.
  • Navigate through all submissions by using the link "Next submission" on the upper right of the page.

To download results

  • Click the "Results" tab.
  • Click the "Download" sub-tab.
  • Select the format in which you would like the results to be formatted and downloaded.
    • Delimited Text (a special format for importing and exporting  data)
    • Microsoft Excel (select to see the data in a flat spread sheet)
  • You can exclude certain data from exporting by checking off the checkboxes under the "Included export components" tab (all data is included as default).
  • Click  “Download” and save the file in desired destination.