Catering Exception Request

Use of an External Caterer for an On-Campus Event

This form needs to be submitted for approval anytime an individual or group prefers to or must use an external caterer for on-campus events. Please note that Housing and Food Services (H&FS) maintains the right of first refusal for providing catered food and beverages for on-campus events. 

This form must be submitted for approval at least 2 weeks prior to the event if

  • H&FS is unable to fulfill the catering request
  • H&FS is able to fulfill the request, but the event organizer prefers to utilize an external caterer

An Exception Request is not required for

  • Small events (approximately 20 people or fewer) with a limited menu, e.g., pizza or subs. 
  • Events that are held off campus

Important Notes: 
The event organizer is responsible for ensuring that external food providers follow all best practices in food safety and handling.

At the present time the accepted caterer policy has been suspended and is under review. External caterers do not currently need to be on the accepted caterer list unless the event organizer intends to pay them with a check issued by Penn State.

Contact Information
Event Organizer/Contact
Event Information
Catering Information
Reason for Seeking Exception
Please list the name of the person in Housing and Food Services that stated they could not fulfill this request.
Please list the specific reason that an external caterer is preferred.
Please list any additional information which may be helpful in reviewing this exception request.