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Opening paragraph: Tell why you are writing; name the position, field, or general career area about which you are asking. Tell how you heard of the opening or organization.

The "body": Mention one or two qualifications you think would be of greatest interest to the employer, slanting your remarks to the employer's point of view. Tell why you are particularly interested in the company, products, locations, type of work, etc. (A word of caution here: Avoid generalities like "because of your outstanding reputation..."; tie your reasons to pertinent information learned from your research.) If you have related experience, or specialized training, be sure to point it out, but do not repeat your resume. Refer the reader to the enclosed resume.

Closing paragraph: Make a specific request for an interview, suggesting date and time, and indicate that you will phone to confirm an appointment. Put yourself in control; say you will be in the area, or you will call. Don't just leave yourself sitting by the phone waiting for some action from the employer. (If you are really interested in the company --- and why else would you go to this trouble? --- you should be willing to take follow-up actions to improve your chances of getting a personal interview.)


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