Student Instructions for NLCN: On-Campus Interviewing and Job Postings

Getting Started


Go to the Career Services web page. Click on the Nittany Lion Career Network quick link on the left side of the page; then click on the NLCN student login logo. At the login page, enter your Penn State access ID and password.

Enter/Update Your Profile

  1. Select the Profile option from the menu at the top of your NLCN web page.
  2. Select both the Personal Information and Academic Information tabs to review/update your contact and your academic information as well as your career preferences. 

​On-Campus Interviewing (OCI) Jobs 

  1. Click on the Jobs & On Campus Interview Postings option on the main menu bar.
  2. Select All On-Campus Interviews in the Show Me drop-down list.
  3. Select additional search criteria:
    • Your desired Position Type from the drop-down list.
    • Your desired Job Function from the drop-down list.
    • Your preferred Industry from the drop-down list. Other Keywords of interest to you.
  4. Click Search.
  5. Use the Advanced Search tab for more criteria.
  6. Click on a position from the Title column to view the Position Information.


Select the Documents option. Click on Add New. Find and attach your resume as instructed. You can upload as many as 10 different documents – resumes, cover letters, and transcripts only (you can obtain an electronic unofficial version of your transcript from the eLion website.

If you choose to upload more than one resume, click on Make Default to select your default (primary) resume. 

Remember to save all your changes! 

Free OCI access is automatically given to graduating seniors at the beginning of the fall semester; no additional steps are necessary to access OCI jobs through NLCN. Other students may request that OCI be added to their account, as some employers may use OCI to interview and hire interns. To determine if the OCI feature is right for you, preview the system through the Guest Account

Setting up Search Agents:

You can set up and save a Search Agent on the Advanced Search tab. Select your criteria, check the Save As box, and name your search agent. At the Search Agent tab, you schedule the search agent to regularly send you an email of new jobs posted to the system that match your criteria.

Pre-Select Interview—Resume Submission:

After reviewing a job, select a resume to submit to the position in the Application Status box (on right side of screen).

  • Click on Submit.
  • Click on Return to view additional positions.

Interview—Sign-Up for Selected Students:

NOTE: Sign-up start dates are listed on the individual OCI job descriptions. Invited students will NOT be able to sign up until 7:00 a.m. on the date listed. 

  • Click on My On-Campus Interview Activity on the main menu bar.
  • Click on the Interview Requests tab.
  • If the Status column displays Invited, click on the ―Schedule Interview button to the right.
  • Click under Application Status.
  • If more than one visit date is available, choose a date from the Available Dates drop-down list.
  • Choose a time from the Available Interviews options. Click Submit.

Note: Alternates are allowed to sign-up for interview timeslots at the Alternate Sign-Up Start Date, available on the job description. This is usually a few days after Invited students are able to sign up. Alternates may only sign up for an interview time if space is still available. 

Canceling or Rescheduling an Interview. 

NOTE: You may cancel or change your interview time up to two (2) business days before the interview. Deadline will be listed on the job posting.

  • Click on My On-Campus Interview Activity on the main menu bar.
  • Click on the Scheduled Interviews tab.
  • Click on the date link next to the interview that you would like to reschedule (under Interview Date column).

Canceling an Interview:

Click on Cancel Interview

Rescheduling an Interview:

  • Click on Reschedule
  • Choose a different time and Click on Submit

Note: Cancellations and scheduling changes MUST be submitted through Nittany Lion Career Network. DO NOT contact the company directly. 

Keeping Track of Your Scheduled Interviews

Use My On-Campus Interview Activity on the main menu bar to see your scheduled and pending interviews. Use Calendar on the main menu bar to see an overview of all events.

Information Sessions 

Use Events on the main menu bar.

  • Click on the Information Sessions tab.
  • Look for the employer of interest in the Employer column.
  • Click on the Session Start Date/Time link in the first column to view the specifics of the information session. 

RSVPs are strongly encouraged. Those information sessions where the location is listed as PRIVATE are for those students on the interview schedule, and those students will be notified directly by the employer as to the location of the information session.

NON-OCI Job Postings 

Click on Jobs & On-Campus Interview Postings on the main menu bar.

  • Select Nittany Lion Recruiting Jobs in the dropdown list. Search and view jobs as described above. 
  • To apply for a position for which you are qualified, select a resume in the Application Status box (on right) or apply as otherwise instructed.
  • Click on Submit.

You can check your applications for Non-OCI jobs under the Applications tab. 

UP Career Fairs

View the career fair instructional and logistical information.

To get a list of employers, click on Events on the main menu bar.

  • Select the UP Career Fairs tab.
  • Click on the name of the event you wish to review.
  • Click on an employer name to review the organization profile.

To submit a resume for employers to view, click on the yellow Go button. Select a resume from the drop-down list (we recommend your primary resume). Check off all employers of whom you have interest and click on Submit

Things to Know 

Use the Back button that is part of your system. Your browser’s back button will not work.

If you search for jobs using the All Jobs & On Campus Interview Postings while on the Job Postings tab, On-Campus Interviewing jobs will be denoted by an O in the Type column. All other jobs will be denoted by a J or an L in the Type column.

J jobs are current openings (active)

L jobs are leads/prospects – resume drops (anticipated openings that are not currently open)

Look for Alerts on your home page for notices of activities needing attention. 


For questions, please contact:

[email protected]
Penn State Harrisburg Career Services
777 W Harrisburg Pike, 216 EAB (SOUTH)
Middletown, PA 17057