Thank You Letter

THANK YOU LETTER -- to be sent after an interview, or meeting a recruiter at a job fair, networking reception, etc. Send this letter within 24 hours.


Your present address
City, State, Zip Code
Date of writing 


Mr/s (Person you met) and Title
Street/Mailing Address
City, State, Zip Code 


Dear Mr/s (Person you met):


Opening: Thank them for the opportunity to interview / meet with them at (event, 

day). Express appreciation for their time and interest. Refer to the content of your 



Middle: If this is being sent after a job interview, restate your interest in the 

position discussed. Remind them of one or two of your strengths or background 

that match their needs. Or state again why you are interested in working for their 

company. (If you are no longer interested in being considered for the position, 

state that. No third paragraph would be needed.)


Closing: Restate your understanding, from your discussion, of what happens 

next—for example, that you will send additional information, if requested (such as 

your transcript, references or writing sample) and that you look forward to 

hearing from them in the time frame they stated. If it was not an interview but just 

a brief meeting, you can restate whatever is appropriate to your situation – for 

example, that you will apply through their web site, or by sending your updated 

information at the a later date.






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