Sample Cover Letter for a Previous Employer

777 W. Harrisburg Pike 
Middletown, PA 17057 
September 6, 2007 
Mr. Steve Probation 
Chief Probation Officer 
Dauphin County Juvenile Office 
100 Chestnut Street 
Harrisburg, Pa 17101 
Dear Mr. Probation: 
I am writing to apply for a Juvenile Probation officer position in your office. My internship with your office in the summer of 2004 prompts my interest. For that experience, I was assigned to the community based unit. 
As you can see by resume, I am now a senior majoring in Criminal Justice and am expected to graduate in December 2006. The past two summers I have worked with at risk youths as well as children with emotional and behavioral problems. Through my internship and camp counselor positions I have learned how to build relationships with juveniles of all races, economic status, and cultures. My goal is to use this experience and contribute to the work you do with juveniles on probation. 
I look forward to discussing this position with you. I will phone your office to ensure you have received this application and to supply any further information needed. You may contact me at (717) 319-6346. 
James D. Student