Fleet Services

Fleet Services

Penn State Harrisburg Fleet Services provides vehicles for use by PSH employees conducting University business. Mid size sedans, full size sedans, mini vans, full size vans and maxi vans are available. Cargo vehicles are scheduled upon request.

The following information is official policy relating to the use and operation of all University Fleet Vehicles located at Penn State Harrisburg. Additional details regarding the University Policy may be found in Policy BS20 FLEET OPERATIONS VEHICLE SERVICE.

Reservation Procedure

  • All trips must be pre-approved by the Budget Administrator and scheduled by a Staff Assistant.
  • Please provide a 24 hour minimum notice when scheduling a fleet vehicle for use or cancelling a fleet vehicle.
  • Fleet vehicles are assigned on a "first come first served" basis.
  • Fleet vehicle reservations can be made via e-mail to hbg-fleet-services@lists.psu.edu. E-mail scheduling should not be used for vehicles required in 24 hours or less.
  • Scheduling of Fleet vehicles required in 24 hours or less can be arranged Monday - Friday from 8am to 4 pm by calling extension 6288.
  • Information required when making a fleet reservation is:
    • Name
    • Budget
    • Fund
    • Date and time vehicle will be picked up
    • Date and time vehicle will be returned
    • Destination
  • All vehicles may be picked up at the Service Station between the hours of 6:15 AM and 4:30 PM weekdays. If the vehicle is returned after hours, keys should be placed in the key return slot on the front door of Fleet Service Station.

Anyone using a vehicle must complete the Fleet Usage logbook at the Service Station when picking up the keys to the vehicle. A valid drivers license must be shown at time of fleet vehicle pickup as per university policy. Information required in the log is:

  • Name
  • Budget*
  • Fund*
  • Date and time the vehicle is picked up
  • Date and time returned
  • Destination
  • Beginning and ending mileage

*The correct budget/fund number is required for proper billing.

In the event a fleet vehicle is unavailable for a trip, Fleet Services will obtain a rental car. In the case of a rental car, 24-hour notice of cancellation is required to insure that the agency rental fee will be waived.

Conditions for Vehicle Usage

  • Fleet vehicles may only be driven by University employees 21 years of age or over and who hold a valid appropriate class Pennsylvania Operator's license. Students (including College Work Study students) are not permitted to drive Fleet vehicles; however, they may act as a relief driver when accompanying a faculty or staff member on a long trip. Under extenuating circumstances, exceptions may be considered when certain established criteria have been met and proper advance approvals have been given in writing.
  • An employee is not permitted to drive a Fleet vehicle to and from home. The vehicles may not be housed in an individual’s garage. If an early morning or weekend departure is scheduled, the vehicle keys may be picked up on the previous business day. However, the vehicle is to remain on Campus until the business trip begins. Special exception to this policy may only be granted by the Director of Business Services. Exemption forms are available from Fleet Services.
  • Smoking of any material is prohibited in all University facilities, at all locations, including University-owned vehicles. University Fleet Operations imposes a $50 fine on the department when any evidence of smoking (odor, ashes, etc.) is found in a Fleet vehicle. (See Policy AD32 Smoking Policy and Guideline.)
  • All Fleet vehicles are in good condition and are filled with gasoline when assigned. The user has the responsibility of returning the vehicle in good condition to the Campus. Voyager credit cards assigned to each vehicle may be used only for gas, oil, and emergency repairs which have been authorized by Fleet Operations. Instructions for use of the credit card are located in the credit card packet. Credit cards must be kept in the designated compartment in the vehicle when not in use. The vehicle is to be locked at all times when not in use.
  • Accidents involving University Fleet Vehicles or an employee's automobile while on official University business must be reported on Form G1.44 (GURU - General Forms Usage Guide Vehicle Accident Report) and forwarded to the Risk Management Office within 48 hours. Fleet vehicles are covered by $500.00 deductible collision insurance. The department involved will be charged the first $500.00.
  • Fleet vehicles are provided as a service to the University community and the privilege should not be abused. Vehicles are not to be used for shopping, personal errands, etc. Every driver of a University vehicle is cautioned that any fine incurred must be paid by the individual and will not be reimbursed by the University.

For additional details, see "Fleet Vehicle Program Eligibility for Vehicle Reservation and Usage" and "Fleet Vehicle Restrictions" (Policy BS20).

For Travel Emergency Service please call Fleet Operations at (814) 865-7572. During normal working hours you may also call Penn State Harrisburg Fleet Services at (717) 948-6288 or the Office of Physical Plant at (717) 948-6235).


All fleet charges incurred will be redistributed to departmental budgets on a monthly basis at the current rate per mile of the specific vehicle. A copy of the charges will be forwarded to the budget administrator upon allocation of the expense.

Fleet Pricing
Vehicle Cost Per Mile
Mid Size (Ford Fusion, Chevy Malibu) $0.69 / Mile
Full Size Cars (Chevy Impala) $0.72 / Mile
Mini Van $0.79 / Mile
15 PSGR Van $1.02 / Mile

Mileage rates are subject to change based on current fuel prices. University Park adds a monthly fuel surcharge of $.01 to $.07/mile due to higher cost of fuel. This fuel surcharge is added to our base vehicle rates shown above. For example the monthly base rate for a mid-size car is $0.69/mile plus the added $0.02/mile fuel surcharge would bring the monthly billing price to $0.71/mile.