KINES 495C Exercise Science Practicum

KINES 495C Exercise Science Practicum

Exercise Science Practicum

The upper-level internship in Kinesiology (KINES 495C) is a very valuable  experience for students in this option and within the curriculum. It provides  the opportunity for students to enter the work world and use their skills and  knowledge in a supervised environment. It is during the internship that the  integration of the course of study and the application of skills and  knowledge begins to evolve. Therefore, it should be structured to be as  realistic as is possible and include as many hands-on experiences as is  practical based at the internship site supervisor’s discretion. Ideally,  students should follow the same work schedule as their on-site supervisor.  The students have the option of registering for Kines 495C as a three credit  course in two separate semesters (135 hours each semester) or a as six credit  course (270 hours). Each student must confirm their internship site by  December 1 for the spring semester and by April 1 for the fall and summer  semester.


K100, K180/101, K200, K202, K295B, & 5th. Semester.

Pre-Practicum Procedures

All arrangements must be completed one semester prior to the start of the  internship. It is the responsibility of the student to make the initial  contact with the agency or organization to inquire about the possibility of  being accepted as an intern. If the organization is willing to accept the  student, the campus faculty coordinator will then finalize the arrangements;  corresponding will include the following:

  1. general information about the practicum
  2. the practicum placement contract to be signed by the organization’s on-site supervisor, and
  3. an evaluation form to be completed by the supervisor at the completion of the practicum.

The student is responsible for arranging an interview if distance permits. If  this is not possible, the student must contact the organization via phone to  discuss with the on-site supervisor the expectation of the organization and  the conditions of the internship. During the site interview, the student is  required to complete the practicum contract with the agency supervisor,  discuss completing the 135/270 required hours of observation, any  immunizations/tests needed to comply with agency policies, and determine if  background checks, liability insurance, and/or CPR certification are  required.

Please submit the completed agency placement contract to Dr. Allen  Urich, located in EAB S202A.