KINES 295B Career Observation

KINES 295B Career Observation

Kines 295B is a one credit course which provides the students’ the first opportunity to explore various careers in Kinesiology.  This is a student observation course only.  Kines 295B has two components consisting of 12 hours of professional observation and panel discussions from professionals in the field of Kinesiology. Each student must confirm their observation site by December 1 for the spring semester and by April 1 for the fall semester.  During the site confirmation meeting, the student is required to complete the agency placement agreement with the agency supervisor, discuss completing the 12 required hours of observation, any vaccinations/tests needed to comply with agency policies, and determine if background checks and/or CPR certification are required. Please submit the completed agency placement agreement to Dr. Allen Urich, located in EAB S202A.

Please see the Agency Placement Agreement form and the list for participating agencies.

Course Objectives 

  1. To develop an understanding of the availability of career opportunities that can be achieved with an educational background in Kinesiology.
  2. To expose students to professionals in the Kinesiology discipline.
  3. To have students evaluate their resume and begin developing an ePortfolio.
  4. To have students will summarize their experiences and identify the relationship between their personal mission statement and their career objectives.

Student Responsibilities 

  • Secure an agency for 12 hours of professional observation during the prior semester of enrolling in the course
  • Meet with a participating agency to complete the following:
  • Agency Placement Agreement
    • Agency Data Sheet
    • Attendance Record Sheet
    • Agency Supervisor Interview for Observation Paper Assignment


Hoffman, S. (2011). Careers in Sport, Fitness, and Exercise. United State: Human Kinetics. ISBN-13: 978-0-7360-9566-2

Any questions please contact Dr. Allen Urich at 6275 or by email