Research Update – October 2017

Journal publication: Dr. Jonathan Lee, assistant professor of criminal justice, published the article "Contextualizing Informal Labeling Effect on Adolescent Recidivism in South Korea" in the International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology. Lee used longitudinal survey data with structural equation modeling techniques to examine how the sociological and psychological background of a troubled adolescent may predict their involvement in criminal behavior in the future.

Article presentation and journal review: Dr. Hannah Spector, assistant professor of education, presented “Cultivating the Ethical Imagination in Education: Perspectives from Three Public Intellectuals” at a conference at McGill University in Montreal, Canada in February. Professor Carl Leggo, poet and professor in the Department of Language and Literacy Education at the University of British Columbia, reviewed Spector’s article for the Art/Research International: A Transdisciplinary Journal.

Paper award: Dr. Sheela Pandey, assistant professor of management, published “Follower Response to Deviant Leader Behavior: Does Leader’s Gender Matter?” that was selected Best Paper at the Academy of Management Conference in August. Pandey examines the hypothesis that women leaders will face greater resistance from followers and that gender-authority bias of followers will influence follower responses.

Accepted papers: Dr. Javad Khazaei, assistant professor of electrical engineering, has had two papers accepted for publication. His paper titled "Impedance-Model-Based MIMO Analysis of Power Synchronization Control," will be published in Electric Power System Research Journal. This paper presents impedance-model-based stability analyses of power synchronization control and two types of vector controls used in voltage source converter-based high voltage direct current systems. His paper "Primary and Secondary Voltage/Frequency Controller Design for Energy Storage Devices using Consensus Theory," will be presented at the IEEE international conference on renewable energy research and applications. This paper investigates a distributed consensus control design for heterogeneous energy storage devices in smart grids.

Edited journal article: Dr. Jane Wilburne, associate professor of mathematics education, has edited the “2017 Focus Issue: Learning Mathematics through Reasoning and Problem Solving,” published by The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. This issue presents a progression of activities aimed at promoting preschool through grade 5 students’ reasoning and problem-solving skills. To read subscribe and read articles, visit

Student research grant: Katarina Winhauer, a master’s student in the community psychology and social change program, has received the 2017 SCRA National Student Representative Research Grant. This award is granted in support of her master's project titled "Factors Influencing Sense of Community and 
Gentrification in Community Gardens: A Portrait of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania."