Nittany Lion Request Form

You must be 18 years or older to request the Nittany Lion.



  • All requests must requests must be submitted at least two (2) weeks prior to the event.  All requests will be evaluated based on the policies below and reply will be forthcoming within one (1) week of your submission.

  • The Nittany Lion is a current student so academics comes first. Appearances are based on the students’ availability.

  • Requests have a better chance of being filled during the academic year (August-May) all summer requests will be based on the Lions availability.

  • The Lion CAN NOT attend an event where alcohol is being served. The ONLY exception to this is a direct Penn State University sponsored event. 

  •  The Nittany Lion can not attend weddings. 

  • The Lion can only stay in costume for 45 minutes at one time. The suit gets very hot and is made from very thick fur with a canvas liner along with leather gloves. The suit can get as hot as 70-80 degrees, even on a cold day. If temperature in location (inside or outside) is more than 75 degrees, the time reduces to 20 minutes.  If temperatures are above 85 degrees, the time reduces to 10 minutes.  Breaks should be at least 10 minutes in length. 

  • If the request is outside of the 20 mile radius from campus we require the organization to reimburse the student the standard IRS mileage rate. If your event is less than 20 miles no reimbursement is required.

  • If walking in a parade longer than 1 mile or the temperature is expected to be over 70 degrees transportation must be provided for the person wearing the Lion costume.

  • The Lion may to participate in Mascot contests, however we ask that other mascots do not try to challenge or play fight with him. Due to the helmet design, his peripheral vision is impaired. He can only see what’s directly in front of him. 

  • An assistant will accompany the Lion on his visit. They are responsible for being an extra set of eyes and ears. They also serve as the voice for the Lion as they are not allowed to talk while in costume. They help to guide the lion through crowds, answer questions, and protect the Lion.

  • The costume can be loaned out for events where the Lion is unable to attend, but only to current Penn State Students or Employees.  

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miles (Max. 50)
Enter the approximate distance from Penn State Harrisburg to the location of the event. If the request is outside of a 20 mile radius from campus, we require the organization to reimburse the student the standard IRS mileage rate.
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