First Year Seminar

The First-Year Seminar class aims to facilitate the successful transition of new students to Penn State through their engagement with other members of the campus community and through their introduction to the use of university and campus resources.

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Penn State Harrisburg requires that first-year students take a first-year seminar (FYS). Students are excused from first-year seminar at Penn State Harrisburg if they transferred at least 18 academic credits from another institution or transferred at least 24 credits from a prior Penn State campus that did not require a first-year seminar. Sections of the seminar are offered both in the fall and in the spring semester. The courses are three-credit courses within each academic school. In addition to the in-class work of the 3-credit course, students are required to attend 5 out-of-class cocurricular events:

  • An Advising event (mandatory)
  • A Title IX event (mandatory)
  • A Writing Ethics event (mandatory)
  • 2 other events of your choice