Penn State Harrisburg


2016 Centers and Institutes Fact Sheet

  • The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    The center’s purpose is to develop the skills and abilities of students, faculty, staff, and community partners to realize the full value of their ideas and entrepreneurial efforts and to make an impact on economic development in the region.
  • Center for Holocaust and Jewish Studies
    Besides being an inviting physical space providing research materials in print and other media in the Penn State Harrisburg Library, the Center is actively involved in outreach programming such as public performances of music, drama, and dance; screenings of films along with discussions by their makers; and lectures and book talks with nationally recognized writers and researchers on the Holocaust and Jewish Studies. The Center works to bring people from the Central Pennsylvania region and the university together in a common interest of remembering and teaching the Holocaust and Jewish Studies. In addition to its annual event series, the Center regularly presents art and history exhibitions in its Linda Schwab Gallery, manages a curriculum of course offerings for undergraduate students to learn about the Holocaust, as well as Jewish history and culture, and maintains an archive of materials from survivors in the Central PA region.
  • The Center for Pennsylvania Culture Studies
    The Center for Pennsylvania Culture Studies is devoted to providing programs, resources, and support for the study of Pennsylvania’s cultural heritage. Established in 1990, the Center is affiliated with the Penn State Harrisburg School of Humanities and its American Studies program.
  • Central Pennsylvania Research and Teaching Laboratory for Biofuels
    The Central Pennsylvania Research and Teaching Laboratory for Biofuels serves as a center for the study of second- and third-generation biofuels, with the goal of bringing environmentally friendly energy alternatives to the marketplace.
  • Center for Signal Integrity
    The goal of the Center is to support signal integrity research and product development for local and national companies and advance the research collaboration between Penn State Harrisburg and industry.
  • The Institute of State and Regional Affairs 
    It is an applied research, training, and public service unit located at Penn State Harrisburg. The Institute is committed to the development and delivery of high quality research, training, and service that applies the diverse resources of the College and the University to the enhancement and well being of the Commonwealth and its citizens. The Institute also includes the centers for:
  • Pennsylvania Recycling Markets Center (RMC)
    The mission of the RMC is to expand and develop more secure and robust markets for recovered (recycled) materials by helping to overcome market barriers and inefficiencies.
  • Continuing Education
    Penn State Harrisburg Continuing Education offers workshops, seminars, and short courses to enhance your professional portfolio.