Recreation and Fitness


Recreational or competitive settings offered!
8:00 am — 11:55 pm
Capital Union Building (CUB), Penn State Harrisburg

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Free class for students!
5:30 pm — 6:30 pm
Multipurpose Room 219, Capital Union Building (CUB)

Step 'N Tone is a traditional cardio class utilizing step platforms and choreography to upbeat music! The last 10 minutes of each class are devoted to specific toning exercises. You'll leave this class feeling toned and fit!

Great combo class of yoga and pilates!
12:10 pm — 12:55 pm
Multipurpose Room 219, Capital Union Building (CUB)

This class fuses the strength and power of yoga with the core and concentration of pilates mat-work.

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Administrative Support Assistant, Recreation and Fitness
Coordinator of Athletic Programs, Recreation and Fitness
Aquatic Staff Assistant, Recreation and Fitness

Basic Information

Phone Number: 
Phone Number: 
Aquatics: 717-948-6740


Hours of operation are based on the University's academic schedule. When the University is officially closed, the Recreation and Fitness Facilities are also officially closed.

It is advisable to always check the facility calendars for daily availability of fitness areas, particularly the gymnasium.

Facility Calendars
Aquatics Center



Capital Union Building (CUB)