Recreation and Fitness

Basic Information

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Phone Number: 
Aquatics: 717-948-6740


Hours of operation are based on the University's academic schedule. When the University is officially closed, the Recreation and Fitness Facilities are also officially closed.

It is advisable to always check the facility calendars for daily availability of fitness areas, particularly the gymnasium.

Facility Calendars


Capital Union Building (CUB)


8:00 am — 11:55 pm

To register for Intramural Bowling, please visit the IMLeagues webpage. Teams are capped at 18 players and must have their own transportation.

Don't miss out on this fast-paced tournament!
8:00 am — 11:55 pm

Register early for the singles table tennis tournament. This is a double elimination tournament requiring players to be at the Capital Union Building ready to play until they have lost twice.

Show your mad badminton skills!
8:00 am — 11:55 pm

Register early for this fast-paced doubles badminton tournament. This is a double elimination tournament. All teams must be ready to play every night of the tournament until they have lost twice.

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