Master of Professional Studies in Homeland Security

This Program is exclusively delivered online via World Campus. No residential components are required. It is open to all students from across the world.

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The 33-credit intercollege master of professional studies in homeland security is the most comprehensive online homeland security degree, providing graduates the skills to succeed as a future leader in homeland security.

Penn State offers a series of homeland security core courses that can provide you with a fundamental understanding of homeland security, and then you can choose one of five specializations: the general homeland security base program which focuses on policy and organization, or options in public health preparedness, geospatial intelligence, information security and forensics, or agricultural biosecurity and food defense.

A partnership of six Penn State colleges and Penn State Harrisburg’s School of Public Affairs, this program provides a homeland security education portfolio that can suit the needs of many individuals working in this field or looking for a new career path in this field.

The program also includes an optional internship. Internships are residential and accompanied by a credit-earning online course. They provide a real-world setting to enhance the educational experience and employability of both knowledge and competencies acquired in the program. The internship provides students an opportunity to combine their professional studies with first-hand mission space experience, and it will help them to differentiate themselves on the job market.

Career opportunities for those interested in pursuing the homeland security program include upper-level positions in the U.S. Homeland Security Enterprise and Departments such as DHS and its components (CBP, FEMA, TSA, etc.), and in particular in civil security including emergency and crisis management, business continuity, infrastructure protection, intelligence analysis, law enforcement, and physical security. The Homeland Security Enterprise including international partners, career opportunities include international security institutions as well, and the program also serves international students interested in education from one of the leaders in homeland security studies in the U.S.


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