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Web Project/Update Request Form

We are preparing to transition our website from our current Content Management System (CMS) into a new infrastructure and have “frozen” content changes on the current website, as of May 1, so that we can focus our efforts on the new site and, more importantly, not miss transferring any changes from the old site to the new.

Note that the following items are unaffected by this content freeze; we will still process any changes/updates/new instances up until the day before the new site is launched:

  • Curricular changes (to keep in sync with the University Bulletin)
  • Recommended Academic Plan changes (as approved by DUS)
  • Events. Submit via the calendar entry form.
  • News Stories (please continue to submit via the Story Idea form)
  • People Database updates (directory profiles, publications, etc.). Submit via the People Database Update form.

Your Information

Send a copy of this request to an additional address. Note that you will receive a copy by default, at the address above.

Updates Requested
Due date reflects the content freeze (see above). Items not subject to the freeze will be processed in a timely manner as per usual.
Add or Modify Existing Content

Please describe your change requests. As appropriate, include the current content and specific directions.

Briefly state the name (s) of the page(s) or project. For example, "John Doe profile" or "Res Life policies."

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