Penn State Harrisburg

Official Logos for Print and Web

Guidelines for proper usage of the Penn State logomark can be found in Editorial & Graphic Standards.

Which file to use?

PNG files are recommended for using the mark on flyers or the web. They are similar to JPGs but can have a transparent background. 

EPS files are available for use in graphic design software (RGB) and for providing a file to a printing company for high-resolution printing (CMYK).

How to download 

To use these files, right-click on the appropriate link below the image you’d like to use, then select “Save Target As…” or “Save Link As…,” depending on the language your browser uses. After saving the file to your computer, you can now insert it within the program where you are creating your document.

If you’d like assistance or need another file format, such as Pantone EPS, please contact Ali Moyer.

If you have any questions about usage of the Penn State Harrisburg mark, please email Yvonne  Harhigh.


For use on white or light color background (up to 35% black)

Blue PNG file 
Blue EPS file (RGB) 
Blue EPS file (CMYK)

PSU Harrisburg Black light background

Black PNG file
Black EPS file (RGB)
Black EPS file (CMYK) 


For use over a dark, solid background (over 35% black)

Reverse Blue PNG file
Reverse Blue EPS file (RGB)
Reverse Blue EPS file (CMYK)

Reverse Black PNG file
Reverse Black EPS file (RGB)
Reverse Black EPS file (CMYK)