Minor in Women's Studies

This interdisciplinary minor provides students with an opportunity to develop a broad understanding of women’s perspectives and gender issues and to integrate that understanding into major areas of academic study. A total of 18 credits must be taken as part of the student’s program; at least 9 of these credits must be taken at Penn State Harrisburg and 6 must be at the 400-level. Students must receive a grade of C or better in all courses in the minor.

A student seeking admission to the Women’s Studies minor must first be admitted to a baccalaureate major at Penn State Harrisburg. A program of study must be completed in consultation with the student’s major adviser and submitted to the Women’s Studies Coordinating Committee, which will select a Women’s Studies adviser for the student. Decisions regarding the appropriateness of courses for the minor will be made by the Women’s Studies Program.

The major adviser may also serve as adviser to the minor.

Requirements for the Minor: 18 Credits