Bachelor of Arts in Humanities

This major helps students appreciate, understand, and interpret relationships among the arts, ideas, media, and values that have shaped Western and world cultures. Students are taught to become active learners who can synthesize, interpret, and communicate knowledge and experience through writing, speaking, and creative expression in a variety of media. The School helps students meet these goals by offering a range of interdisciplinary and discipline-based courses in the arts, art history, communication studies, English, history, literature, music, philosophy, theatre, and writing.

The course of study includes interdisciplinary courses which examine topics and time periods from the perspectives of multiple Humanities disciplines. These courses engage students in cross-disciplinary critical thinking and analysis and prepare them for work in an increasingly interdisciplinary world. Students also choose two Humanities subfields to investigate in greater depth, choosing from history and global cultures; the visual and performing arts; philosophy and religious studies; and literature and writing. Students are also encouraged to combine this major with a minor in such fields as business administration, writing, and communications. The Humanities major prepares students for careers in the arts, arts administration, business, corporate communications, government, teaching, museum work, and law, as well as providing a foundation for graduate study in a liberal arts field.