Penn State Harrisburg

Sairam V. Rudrabhatla, Ph.D.

· Associate Professor of Biology; Science, Engineering, and Technology
· Associate Program Chair, Biology & Science

Research Interests

  • Micropropagation and Genetic Engineering of Jatropha
  • Genetic Engineering of Camelina
  • In vitro flowering in Biofuel Crops
  • Micropropagation of Simarouba
  • Genetic Engineering of Tomato with Nutritionally Enriched Genes
  • Genetic Engineering of Soybean with Plant Vaccine
  • Biosafety and risk assessment of transgenic plants (USDA Norman Borlaug grant)
  • Micropropagation of Figs Testing selenium containing analogs of SAHA to see cytotoxicity in lung cancer cells

Courses Taught

Fall Semester

Biology 110 Lab (Biology: Basic Concepts and Biodiversity)
A study of the evolution of the major groups of organisms including the fundamental concepts of biology.

BI SC 003 (GN) Environmental Science.
Kinds of environments; past and present uses and abuses of natural resources; disposal of human wastes; prospects for the future.

Bio 120A (Plants, Places, and People)
Useful and dangerous plants; historical (archaeological), cultural (ethnological), and economic (anthropocentric) aspects, including structural and chemical characteristics of botanical importance.

BIOTC 460 (Advances and Applications of Plant Biotechnology)
Molecular Genetics of Transgenic Plants (3) Understanding the biology and inheritance of genetic traits through the use of genetically modified plants, progress on developments of transgenic crops, their advantages, problems and regulatory issues.

BIOL 251 Peer Leadership in Biology (1)
Leadership training in guiding others to learn, communicate, and apply biological principles.

BIOL 496 Independent Studies (1-18)
Creative projects, including research and design, which are supervised on an individual basis and which fall outside the scope of formal courses.

Spring Semester

Bio 230W (Biology: Molecules and Cells)
A study of cellular phenomena including molecular genetics and metabolic interactions.

Bio 240W Lab (Biology: Function and Development of Organisms)
A study of development and physiological processes at the organismic level.

BIOTC 459 (Plant Tissue Culture and Biotechnology)
Plant Tissue Culture and Biotechnology. Principles and techniques for the in vitro culture, propagation, and genetic manipulations of plant cells.


BIOL 441 Plant Physiology
Classical and current concepts in plant constituents, mineral nutrition, water relations, respiration, photosynthesis, photoperiodism, plant hormones, growth, and development.

Publications and Research

Selected Journal Articles

W. Abou-Alaiwi, P. Shobha Devi, S. Goldman, P. Josekutty, D. Karelia and S. Rudrabhatla.  “Agrobacterium-mediated transformation systems in Centaurea montana, an important medicinal plant.” Accepted in Plant Cell Tissue and Organ Culture. 23 pages, Published online 5th October 2011.

Wissam A. Alaiwi, Rudrabhatla V. Sairam, Puthiyaparambil C. Josekutty, Shobha D. Potlakayala, Deepkamal Karelia, and Stephen L. Goldman. “In vitro regeneration, flowering, and cell culture of Centaurea species.” Accepted in African Journal of Biotechnology.

Puthiyaparambil Josekutty, Shobha Devi Potlakayala, Rebekah Templin, and Sairam Rudrabhatla, “In Vitro Flowering Studies with Nine Cultivars of Perennial Ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.) Floriculture and Ornamental Biotechnology, 2011, (1) 45-49.

Shadia Nada, Siva Chennareddy, Stephen Goldman, Sairam Rudrabhatla, Shobha Devi Potlakayala, Puthyaparambil Josekutty, and Karelia Deepkamal. (2011) Direct Shoot Bud Differentiation and Plantlet Regeneration from Leaf and Petiole Explants of Begonia tuberhybrida. Hortscience, 46:5, 759–764.

Wissam Abou Alaiwi1, Puthiyaparambil Chacko Josekutty2, Stephen Lawrence Goldman1,
Shobha Devi Potlakayala2, and Rudrabhatla Venkata Sairam1,2* (2011) Efficient In Vitro propagation of Centaurea Montana L. Propagation of Ornamental Plants, 11: 1 40-43

Karelia, Nilkamal, Desai Dhimant, Heangst, Jeremy A, Amin, Shantu, Sairam, Rudrabhatla V, Yun, Jong.(2010) Selenium-containing analogs of SAHA induce cytotoxicity in lung cancer cells. Archives of Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 20: 22, 6816-6819

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Zhang, Shulu, Sairam, Rudrabhatla V, Grefer Doni, James Feasel, Ferencak, Mark and Goldman, Stephen L.(2009). Resistance to Xanthomonas campestris pv. pelargonii in geranium and diagnosis of the bacterial blight using polymerase chain reaction . Archives of Phytopathology and Plant Protection, 42: 12, 1109-1117

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Diaa Al-Abed, Parani Madaswamy, Talla, Reddy, Goldman, Stephen and Rudrabhatla, Sairam.  (2007). Genetic Engineering of Maize with the Arabidopsis DREB1A/CBF3 Gene Using Split-seed Explants. Crop Science. Volume 47: 6: 2390-2402..

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Book Chapters

Puthiyaparambil Josekutty, Shobha Devi Potlakayala, Rebekah Templin, Alankar Vaidya, Sarah Ryan, Deepkamal Karelia, Nilkamal Karelia, Vaman Rao, Vilas Tonapi, Behnam Tabatabai, Fatima Fofanah, Diego Morales, and Sairam Rudrabhatla, “Genetic Engineering for Bioenergy Crops.” Accepted and available online in Taylor and Francis book publication titled, Handbook of Bioenergy Crop Plants.

Hem S. Bhandari, Masummi Ebina, Malay C. Saha, Joseph H. Bouton, S. V. Rudrabhatla, and Stephen L. Goldman,  “Wild Crop Relatives: Genomic and Breeding Resources,” Panicum Springer Verlag Publication.  pp. 175-196, 2011.

P.K. Mythili, T.S. Rani, R.V. Sairam, V.D. Reddy, D. Harshavardhan and N. Seetharama.  (2004). Sorghum tissue culture and transformation research.  Sorghum Tissue Culture & Transformation 7: 51-56.

R.V. Sairam, Seetharama, N., Nwanze, K.F., and Subramanian, V.  (1997) Biotechnology and sorghum improvement for insect resistance. Pages 127-131, In: Plant resistance to insects in sorghum (Eds: Sharma, H.C and Faujdar Singh).

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Patents Issued

R.V. Sairam and Goldman, S.L.  US patent. A method for producing In Vitro flowering in a plant and plants produced therefrom. US 7,547,548 B2, Issued June 16, 2009.

Patents Published

Parani Madasamy, R.V. Sairam and Goldman, S.L. US Patent Pending 2005. A novel transcription factor (Petcbf4) that is induced by cold, drought and salinity stress in plants.