Penn State Harrisburg

Raffy Luquis, Ph.D.

· Associate Professor of Health Education; Behavioral Sciences and Education
· Program Coordinator, Master of Education in Health Education
· Interim Chair, Health & Professional Studies
· Interim Program Coordinator, Master of Education in Training and Development
· Interim Program Coordinator, Graduate Certificate in Training and Development


Dr. Raffy R. Luquis is an associate professor of health education in the School of Behavioral Sciences and Education at Penn State Harrisburg. Dr. Luquis earned his Ph.D. in health science at the University of Arkansas (1996), his M.S. in health education (1991), and his B.S. in science (1988) at the Pennsylvania State University. Dr. Luquis has taught at the college level for eight years. Dr. Luquis has several referred publications and more than 40 national, regional and state presentations in the areas of health education, adolescent health, sexuality, and multicultural health.

Research Interests

  • Evaluation of health education/promotion programs
  • Community health education/promotion
  • Multicultural Health
  • Sexuality

Publications and Research

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