Penn State Harrisburg

Kimberly A. Schreck, Ph.D.

· Professor of Psychology; Behavioral Sciences and Education


Dr. Kimberly Anne Schreck is a licensed psychologist and a board certified behavior analyst. Her research and clinical expertise include autism, intellectual and developmental disabilities, early intervention, feeding problems, children’s behavior problems, and childhood sleep disorders. She has published over 20 articles, reviews, and portions of books on these subjects.

Research Interests

  • Clinical application of learning-based treatments
  • Child Development
  • Applied Behavior Analysis in educational settings
  • Autism, mental retardation
  • Sleep Disorders

Publications and Research

  • Richdale, A. L. & Schreck, K. A. (2009).  Sleep problems in autism spectrum disorders: Prevalence, nature, & possible biopsychological aetiologies. Sleep Medicine Reviews, 13, 403-411.
  • Richdale, A., & Schreck, K. (2008).  Assessment and Intervention in Autism: An Historical Perspective. In J. Matson (Ed).  Clinical assessment and intervention for autism spectrum disorders (pp. 3-32). New York: Elsevier.
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