Two cars were burglarized on campus this evening, one in the library parking lot and one in the CUB parking lot. There were no signs of forced entry. Members of the college community are urged to always lock their vehicle doors. If you must keep valuables in your vehicle, store them out of sight.

Report suspicious activity to Police Services at 717-979-7976.

Last updated: Fri, 04/29/2016 - 10:35pm

Penn State Harrisburg

Gloria B. Clark, Ph.D.

· Associate Professor of Humanities and Spanish; Humanities


Exploring the Interconnections between Language, Literature, Social Awareness and Social Responsibility

As a faculty member in the Humanities, my emphasis is on interconnectedness. I want students to understand how the study of language and literature relates to contemporary life and events. My background in comparative literature and language compels me to seek out patterns and links that trace the human journey through culture and place. Many of my courses explore human rights and environmental issues.

Courses Taught

  • Elementary Spanish I, (SPAN 001)
  • Elementary Spanish II, (SPAN 002)
  • Intermediate Spanish, (SPAN 003)
  • Masterpieces in Latin American Literature, (SPAN 231)
  • Bananas, Coffee and Water: Text and Politics of the Commonplace in Spanish America, (I HUM 400)
  • International Cultures Through Literature and Film: Childhood in Text and Image, (CMLIT 153)
  • Magical Realism, (HUM 515)
  • Interrelations in the Humanities, (HUM560)