Penn State Harrisburg

Don Hummer, Ph.D.

· Associate Professor of Criminal Justice; Public Affairs
· Program Coordinator, Master of Arts in Criminal Justice


Don Hummer received his Ph.D. in 1998 from Michigan State University. He is co-author/editor of, The Culture of Prison Violence (2008, Pearson), Handbook of Police Administration (2008, Taylor & Francis: CRC Press), and the forthcoming The Technology of Crime and Justice (Palgrave-MacMillan). His work, focused primarily on offender treatment and control, has appeared in peer-reviewed outlets such as Aggression & Violent Behavior, Probation Journal, Law & Policy, and Victims & Offenders.

Professional Affiliations

  • American Society of Criminology
  • European Society of Criminology
  • Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences
  • American Correctional Association
  • Pennsylvania Association of Criminal Justice Educators

Research Interests

  • Institutional and Community Corrections
  • Institutional and Community Violence
  • Evidence-Based Practice and Justice System Policy
  • Violence Prevention

Courses Taught

  • CRIMJ 462 Comparative Justice Systems
  • CRIMJ 502 Public Policy and the Criminal Justice Systems
  • CRIMJ 503 Advanced Statistics in Criminal Justice
  • CRIMJ 564 Administrative and Legal Aspects of Corrections

Publications and Research

Selected Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

  • "Public Perceptions of Pennsylvania Residents on the 'Affluenza' as a Correlate of Deviance" (2015) Journal of Crime and Justice. with Anne Douds, Dan Howard, and Shaun L. Gabbidon:
  • "Treatment Programs for Offenders with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in Pennsylvania" (2013) Probation Journal. 60(1):56-72. with Miranda L. Hutchison and Alese C. Wooditch:
  • "Considerations for Faculty Preparing to Develop and Instruct Online Criminal Justice Courses at Traditional Institutions of Higher Education" (2010) Journal of Criminal Justice Education. 21(3):285-310. with Barbara A. Sims, Alese C. Wooditch & Kida Salley
  • "Traffick Jam: A Policy Review of the United States’ Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000" (2009) Trends in Organized Crime. 12(3/4):235-250. with Alese C. Wooditch & M.A. Dupont-Morales
  • "Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment among Probation Officers: A Case Study" (2008) Professional Issues in Criminal Justice. 3(1): 39-56. with Seble Getahun and Barbara A. Sims:
  • "A Quantitative Analysis of Wrongful Death Lawsuits Involving Police Officers in the United States, 1995 to 2005" (2007) Police Quarterly. 10(4): 455-471. with John Fishel & Shaun L. Gabbidon
  • "In Search of the 'Tossed Salad Man' (and Others Involved in Prison Violence): New Strategies For Predicting and Controlling Violence in Prison" (2007) Aggression and Violent Behavior. 12(5): 531-541. with James M. Byrne:
  • "Myths and Realities of Prison Violence: A Review of the Evidence" (2007) Victims and Offenders. 2 (1): 77-90. with James M. Byrne
  • "An Argument for Incorporating Police Internships into Liberal Arts-Based Criminal Justice Curricula: An Example of Mutually Beneficial Cooperative Education." (2006) Police Forum. 15 (3): 2-13
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