Penn State Harrisburg

Don Hummer, Ph.D.

· Associate Professor of Criminal Justice; Public Affairs


Don Hummer is a faculty member in the School of Public Affairs at the Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg. In addition to research interests in institutional corrections, his writing focuses on offender reentry, parole, and community violence. He is co-editor of Handbook of Police Administration (2008, Taylor & Francis/CRC Press. with Jim Ruiz). His first book, The Culture of Prison Violence (2008, Pearson Allyn & Bacon. with James M. Byrne and Faye S. Taxman) is the end result of a three-year grant funded by the U.S. Department of Justice, National Institute of Corrections. The book contains longitudinal data on in-facility incidents of violence and disorder in prisons across the United States as well as perceptional data on management and staff culture. Additionally, Dr. Hummer’s articles have appeared in peer-reviewed journals such as Aggression & Violent Behavior, Probation Journal, Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies and Management, Women & Criminal Justice, Federal Probation, and Law & Policy.

He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in corrections, statistics, and comparative criminal justice as well as numerous courses in Penn State World Campus’ online bachelor’s degree program in criminal justice. He is a former University senator at Penn State and is a past recipient of teaching awards presented by the National Consortium for Academics and Sports & the University of Massachusetts-Lowell. Dr. Hummer formerly served on the Citizen Advisory Board of the Herbert A. Schaffner Youth Center, Dauphin (PA) County’s secure youth detention facility and is presently associated with the Global Centre for Evidence-Based Corrections and Sentencing at Griffith University in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Professional Affiliations

  • American Society of Criminology
  • European Society of Criminology
  • Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences
  • American Correctional Association
  • Pennsylvania Association of Criminal Justice Educators

Research Interests

  • Institutional and Community Corrections
  • Institutional and Community Violence
  • Evidence-Based Practice and Justice System Policy
  • Violence Prevention

Courses Taught

  • CRIMJ 462 Comparative Justice Systems
  • CRIMJ 502 Public Policy and the Criminal Justice Systems
  • CRIMJ 503 Advanced Statistics in Criminal Justice
  • CRIMJ 564 Administrative and Legal Aspects of Corrections

Publications and Research

  • "Treatment Programs for Offenders with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in Pennsylvania" (2013) Probation Journal. 60(1):56-72. with Miranda L. Hutchison and Alese C. Wooditch
  • "Considerations for Faculty Preparing to Develop and Instruct Online Criminal Justice Courses at Traditional Institutions of Higher Education" (2010) Journal of Criminal Justice Education. 21(3):285-310. with Barbara A. Sims, Alese C. Wooditch & Kida Salley
  • "Traffick Jam: A Policy Review of the United States’ Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000" (2009) Trends in Organized Crime. 12(3/4):235-250. with Alese C. Wooditch & M.A. Dupont-Morales
  • The Culture of Prison Violence. (2008). with James M. Byrne & Faye S. Taxman. Pearson Allyn & Bacon: Boston, MA (ISBN # 9780205542964)
  • Handbook of Police Administration. (2008). with Jim Ruiz. CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group: Boca Raton, FL (ISBN # 9781574445596)
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