Penn State Harrisburg

Aldo W. Morales, Ph.D.

· Professor of Electrical Engineering, Science, Engineering, and Technology
· Co-Director, Center for Signal Integrity


  • Senior Member of IEEE
  • Member of ASEE

Research Interests

  • Image Processing
  • Morphological Image Processing
  • Signal Processing
  • Local Area Networks

Courses Taught

2001 - present Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering , Penn State Harrisburg, PA. For more information consult my home page.

Major Subjects:

  • EET 311 (AC circuits)
  • EET 403 (Digital Circuits)
  • CMPET 400 (Computer Architecture)
  • CSE 271, CSE 275 (Digital Circuits for EE's and Lab)
  • EENG 455 (Digital Image Processing)

1996 - 2001 Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering, Pennsylvania State University, DuBois, PA

Major Subjects:

  • EET 101, EET 109 (Introduction to Circuits and Lab)
  • EET 117 (Digital Circuits for EET)
  • EET 210, EET 205 (Electronic Devices and Lab)
  • EET 216, EET 221 (Electronic Devices II with Lab)
  • EET 297 Local Area Networks
  • EET 297 Web Design and Maintenance
  • EET 297 PLC's
  • CSE 271 (Digital Circuits for EE's)

1990 - 1996- Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering, Pennsylvania State University, DuBois, PA

Major Subjects:

  • ET 02 (Introduction to Computers)
  • EET 117, EET 120(Digital Circuits with Lab for EET)
  • EET 210, EET (Electronic Devices and Lab)
  • EET 211 (Microprocessors)
  • EET 216, EET 221 (Electronic Devices II with Lab)
  • EE 251, EE 255 (Introduction to circuits for EE majors)
  • EET 297 C programming
Industrial Experience

June 1989- August 1990 Research Assistant; State University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY

  • Developed algorithms for pattern recognition from radar returns (For Bell Aerospace)
  • Developed and applied fuzzy sets to the recognition of signals with vague features (For E)

January 1980- December 1982 Design Engineer; GMSV Electronics, Tacna, Peru

  • Design of triac-based power equipment

August 1978- December 1979 Maintenance Supervisor; AM Broadcasting Systems, Tacna, Peru

  • Maintenance of transmitter and studio equipment

Publications and Research

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  • J.S. Lee, S.J. Ko, Y. Kim and A. Morales, "A Video Camera System with Adaptive Zoom Tracking," Proceedings of the International Conference on Consumer Electronics, June 18-20, 2002, Los Angeles, California.
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  • Morales, ‘‘Adaptive Structuring Element for Noise and Artifact Removal’’, Proc. of 23d Conference on Information Sciences and Systems, The John Hopkins University. Baltimore Maryland, March 1989.