Adam Gustafson, Ph.D.

Assistant Teaching Professor in Humanities, School of Humanities
Instructor in, Music
Office Phone: +1 717 948 6675
Office Location: Olmsted Building, W355
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Dr. Gustafson completed his Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Arts from Ohio University in 2011,
focusing on the role that music plays in shaping social identities and the
theatricality of musical performance. In 2009, his article, "Creativity Amid
the Crash: Opera in the U.S. During the Great Depression" was published in
OPERA America Magazine, and he has delivered papers on a variety of topics,
including the theatricality of marching bands and nineteenth-century American
concert singing. He completed his M.M. in Music Composition at the Chicago
College of Performing Arts, and his compositions have been performed and
recorded by choral groups and soloists throughout the United States. In 2012,
two song cycles, Morning Commute and Sarai's Dilemma, were selected for
commercial recording by the Vox 3 Collective in Chicago, IL; members of the
Collective awarded Sarai's Dilemma Best New Composition of the 2011-2012
season. Dr. Gustafson is also active as a professional musician and music
director. As a baritone, he has sung professionally with numerous choirs,
including the Bach Week Festival Chorus in Evanston, IL and as a soloist for
the Springfield Choral Society in Springfield, IL. As a music director and
guitarist, Gustafson has worked with regional theater companies throughout
the Midwest, including the Bailiwick Theater and the Jedlicka Performing Arts
Center, both in Chicago, IL.

Research Interests
Music performance