Graduate Certificate in Accounting

The 12-credit graduate certificate program supplements the body of knowledge and educational credit requirements necessary for licensure as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in most states. The 12-credit curriculum is intended for students who have completed an undergraduate degree in accounting (or equivalent course work). All candidates are required to take ACCT 504 Auditing Theory and Practice (3) and three additional 3-credit courses from a list of elective courses.

With program approval, all four courses in the certificate may be applied to the online Master of Professional Accounting degree. Certificate program students who wish to have the certificate courses applied to the master's degree program must formally be admitted to the master's degree program. Admission into the master's degree program is a separate step and is not guaranteed. Upon admittance to the master's degree program, certificate courses completed with a grade of B or better will be transferred into the program.