Master of Arts in Applied Clinical Psychology

The Master of Arts program in Applied Clinical Psychology offers the educational background to prepare students to work as mental health professionals in various settings. It is intended to provide a broad training program in empirically validated clinical psychology which, when accompanied by an additional 12 credits in advanced graduate studies in psychology and/or counseling, can provide the academic training necessary for graduates to apply for master’s level licensing as a Professional Counselor in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The M.A. program requires 48 credits of course work. Optional 12-credit certificate programs are available in the areas of clinical health psychology, and applications in clinical psychology through the School of Behavioral Sciences and Education for students seeking licensure. Additionally, successful completion of this program may be a good indicator of potential to succeed in a doctoral program, and thus may be valuable for individuals seeking to develop their research and or clinical skills to support future doctoral studies. The degree program is intended for both part-time and full-time students, with classes in late afternoon or evenings.

The overall model emphasizes the scientific basis of behavior, including biological, social, and individual difference factors. The training model is health-oriented rather than pathology-oriented and emphasizes the development of helping skills, including both assessment and intervention.

Degree Conferred: M.A.