Penn State Harrisburg/HACC Dual Admission Application

Dual Admission for Bachelor's Degree

NOTE: This Dual Admission application is NOT the same as the application for admission to Penn State Harrisburg.


Student Information
(Format: 123-456-7890)
Predominant Ethnic Background (optional)
Academic Background
Semester Year
Note: to apply for Dual Admission, you must have completed 30 or less transferable credits (combination of all institutions previously attended).
Notes and Acknowledgement
By checking this box, I hereby authorize HACC and Penn State Harrisburg to exchange necessary information regarding my matriculation and course work, including academic transcripts, at both institutions to facilitate the transfer from HACC to Penn State Harrisburg and to provide the information needed to evaluate the program. Such information will be reported in summary form so that no student will be identified individually.

Please inform HACC and Penn State Harrisburg of any changes in your plans and update relevant personal information.

You must request all official transcripts from institutions other than HACC or Penn State be sent directly to the Penn State Harrisburg Admissions Office - 777 West Harrisburg Pike, Middletown, PA 17057 or electronically to [email protected]