Travel Approval Request

Effective July 1, 2020, all Penn State employees must seek permission for University-affiliated domestic travel, including air travel, from their unit executive. Employees are asked to limit travel where possible and consider virtual options that might replace or reduce the need to travel.

Employees wishing to travel should:

The unit head or school director that initially approved your travel request.
I confirm that I have received all necessary approvals from the existing travel policies that pertain to my school/unit.
Work Category
Enter the start date of travel.
Mode of Travel
Travel is restricted to one person per vehicle unless an exceptional circumstance dictates otherwise.
Provide a description of the exceptional circumstances for travel with more than one person per vehicle.
Provide a brief description of the reason for travel and why this work must be done on-site and not remotely.
Regulations after Approval is Granted

Once approved for travel, employees must comply with the following:

  • Practice social distancing and hygiene recommendations before and during travel.
  • Obtain masks, hand sanitizer, and any PPE that might be necessary in the course of their work while traveling.
  • Masks should be worn at all times when interacting with others and as advised by the area(s) to which they are traveling.

Employees must observe the following guidelines when returning home:

  • Domestic travel to/from other states, or to/from a yellow/red county:
    • Asymptomatic individuals who have been given permission for on-site work can continue to work following the “Health Monitoring and Temperature Screening” process in the COVID-19 Supervisors Instructions.
    • For 14 days after returning home, employees must take their temperature at home within one hour before reporting to work and report “ok” status to supervisor or designee before arriving to work.
    • Individuals who become ill/symptomatic must stay home and follow the COVID-19 reporting protocols.
  • Domestic travel between green counties within PA:
    • No restrictions for asymptomatic individuals. Employees who become ill should stay home and follow COVID-19 reporting protocols.