Services and Policies

Services and Policies

Scheduling an Appointment

Appointments with the nurse or clinician can be scheduled by calling (717) 948-6015. The last daily appointment will be a half hour prior to close each evening.

If you are unable to make your scheduled appointment, please call the office to cancel or to reschedule. This will afford another student the opportunity to be scheduled in your place. If a student is five or more minutes late to a provider clinic appointment, they may need to reschedule their appointment. Urgent Care and the ER are also available should immediate attention be needed.

Appointments that are not cancelled or rescheduled will be subject to a "no-show" fee.

Costs and Billing

Nominal fees will be charged for clinician visits, medications and supplies (if ordered) at the time of your visit. All fees will be posted to the student account and can be paid online through LionPath [Requires WebAccess login] or at the bursar’s office.

Policy for Verification of Illness

Penn State Harrisburg Student Health Services does not provide verification of illness notes for minor or routine illnesses or injuries. Student Health Services may provide verification of illness for significant prolonged illnesses or injuries resulting in absence from classes.

Routine Illness

A routine illness would be a minor illness or injury, such as colds, and flu-like or self-limited gastrointestinal illnesses.

For routine illness-related absences, students should correspond directly with the faculty as soon as possible regarding their situation, ideally before they miss a class, exam, or other evaluative activity.

Significant, Prolonged Illness

A significant, prolonged illness is a serious illness or injury lasting at least a week. Medical documentation is required, either from Student Health Services clinicians or outside clinicians. Due to patient confidentiality, Student Health Services cannot release any information without the student’s consent.

Penn State Harrisburg’s Student Health Services policy is consistent with the Faculty Senate Policy 42-27: Class Attendance. The rationale for this policy notes that “the process of determining the legitimacy of the reasons for absences is frequently cumbersome and leads to negative situations that inhibit the quality of learning and teaching for both the students and faculty.” The goal of the policy is to reduce negative situations for students, faculty and health care providers.


Academic Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual E-11: Class Attendance

Health Insurance

Beginning with Fall 2019, mandatory insurance will be required by Penn State University. Please fill out the information on LionPath, after registering for classes. If the student does not demonstrate proper insurance, the student will be automatically enrolled into the Student Health Insurance Plan, and the health insurance bill will be combined with their tuition bill. It is the responsibility of ALL Penn State students to fill out the required paperwork on a yearly basis. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to Student Health Services or the Student Health Insurance office at University Park.

Penn State offers students, spouses and dependents the opportunity to purchase health insurance. Be aware that the plan is NOT full-coverage insurance. There are specific limits to the policy regarding how you receive benefits and the amount of reimbursement. It is the responsibility of each insured to understand the policy.

Penn State requires international students, their spouses and dependents, graduate assistants and fellows to demonstrate that they have health insurance. More information is available online or call the Student Insurance Office at (814) 865-7467

Release of Medical Records

Penn State Harrisburg Student Health Services assures that all health care providers adhere to ethical principles and codes of professional practice including patient confidentiality, privacy, dignity, and informed consent.

All medical records are held in the same strict confidence as in other health care settings. Although this high degree of confidentiality is often a concern to parents seeking information, medical information is released only with the student's written consent, or by a court-ordered subpoena.

Click here to download the release of information form

Health Immunization Requirements

Immunizations offer safe and effective protection from vaccine-preventable diseases. The United States is experiencing re-emergence of these diseases, in part due to factors such as non-immunized and under-immunized persons and global travel.University Health Services of the Pennsylvania State University strongly supports the use of vaccines to protect the health of our individual students and our campus community. 

Additional immunization information and submission requirements can be found here

Should you have any questions about completing the online form, please call Immunizations & Medical Records at (814) 865-2398.

Immunization Requirements are for all incoming Penn State Students from Fall 2016 and forward. Please have these fulfilled prior to the start of classes. Students are required to turn in their Immunization Forms only once, not yearly. Please check your LionPath for any holds which may be incurred. For any questions, please stop by or call Student Health Services at: (717) 948-6015.

Quality Assurance

How was your visit?

A suggestion box is available in the self-care area of the waiting room. After utilizing one of our services, please take a few moments to give us your comments/suggestions. If you wish to be contacted by Penn State Harrisburg staff to discuss your comments, you may indicate this on the form. The information you provide will be used by Penn State Harrisburg student health services administration to evaluate and improve health services. All information is confidential.

Health Information Resources

Information on a variety of topics related to health and wellness is available. Workshops and wellness programs are conducted by the Health Educator on an individual basis to students or student groups as requested. Healthy Penn State is another free resource on health promotion, nutrition, videos, recipes, and more. Please visit this site in addition to the other resources available on campus. Please call 717-948-6015 for information.

Support Services

University Contacts

Counseling Services and Disability Services
Suite 205 Student Enrichment Center
(717) 948-6025

PSU equity site for Campus Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender students

Title IX Resources at Penn State Harrisburg

Safety and Police Services
24 hour coverage
(717) 948-6232
(717) 979-7976 (cell)

Please call Safety and Police Services for assistance when Student Health Services is closed.