Submit an Issue or Suggestion

Submit an Issue or Suggestion

The Council exists to support the College staff by promoting resources available for staff needs and to serve as a mechanism to provide effective communication between the staff and administration on issues/suggestion that are brought forth by staff.

The Council encourages staff suggestions that will enhance the campus environment as well as provide and promote effective communication. Suggestions will be presented at the Council’s monthly meetings.

In order for the Council to respond to staff concerns, a staff person must submit an issue in written format via an email to

The issue will only be received by the chair-elect of the Council and will be acknowledged in writing. The staff person's name will be held in confidence. 

When issues/suggestions are submitted the Council will review the issue/suggestion and make one of four possible decisions:

  1. Seek additional information via the member who brought the issue to committee.
  2. Form a committee to study the issue and make recommendations to the Chancellor.
  3. Determine that the issue should not be handled by the Council and forward it to the appropriate department.
  4. Take no action at all.

The Council vows to have the best interest of staff at the forefront of all its actions and will strive to represent staff in the most effective manner.