Route and Submit Proposal

Route and Submit Proposal

Principal Investigators do not have the authority to submit proposals on their own. Investigators should contact Office of Research and Outreach (ORO) as soon as they learn of a funding opportunity. This is to ensure sufficient time to develop an appropriate cost proposal, complete all sponsor-required forms and certifications, and secure all required approvals. Approval is evidenced by signatures on the proposal and on the University’s Internal Approval Form (IAF).

Proposal Review

Staff in the Office of Research and Outreach will ascertain (when submitted in a timely fashion) that proposals complies with university guidelines and sponsor requirements to ultimately submit a high quality proposal.

Completion of Internal Approval Form

Please contact Staff in the Office of Research and Outreach to initiate the Internal Approval form.

Proposal Submission

The final proposal should be submitted to ORO at least 3 days before the submission deadline.