Change of Campus

Change of Campus

The University admits first-semester baccalaureate degree candidates to a campus location that can provide at least two semesters of normal progress toward the program they have selected. In most cases, students are expected to complete two full years of academic work at their initial campus. After two years, they may have to change to a University campus that offers the upper-level course work required in their major. Change of campus prior to the end of two years is considered early.

Early Change of Campus

From the Undergraduate Advising Handbook:

"A student may request an early change of campus in order to maintain normal progress toward his/her preferred major. The student who is headed toward a major that requires early change of campus is expected to remain in that major and to schedule courses consistent with it. Under special circumstances, requests for other reasons may be approved as exceptions.

The student must obtain approval from officials at his/her campus (first) and at the desired campus (second) in order for the change to be processed. The designated official at the student's campus determines if it is appropriate for the student to relocate. If the request seems appropriate, the official initiates the change by informing the appropriate official at the other campus. He/she approves or denies the request. The student is notified of this decision. If the change is approved, the student receives instructions regarding registration for the subsequent semester at the new campus."


As stated in the University policy, Change of Campus location is an academic process. Thus, the primary consideration in approving or denying a change of campus request must be the student's ability to make reasonable academic progress.

In addition to the academic progress standard, we must consider the ability of the campus to serve the student academically. Therefore, the student's intended major is an important factor. Finally the student's overall well-being is important to academic progress. Thus, home residence and personal circumstances should be reviewed as well.

Requests for early change of campus location will be evaluated using the following criteria:

  1. Has the current campus of enrollment released the student requesting student for change of campus?
  2. If approved, will the student be able to find appropriate courses to maintain academic progress?
  3. Does the student intend to complete a Capital College major?
  4. For first semester students, was the student admissible to Penn State Harrisburg as a first year student?
  5. For students beyond the first semester, a review will be done based on their cumulative GPA.
  6. Is the student's home address in the Penn State Harrisburg service area?


  1. The student requests "Update Campus" in LionPATH.
  2. The current campus Registrar processes the request signifying the willingness of the campus to release the student.
  3. Notification of the student's request is received by the Capital College Registrar.
  4. The Campus Registrar in consultation with the Director of Admissions will review the each request according to the criteria listed above. In some cases it may be necessary to request further information from the student or consult with the DUS or the student's academic adviser regarding the student's academic plans.