Penn State Homeland Security Programs follow active research agendas and a strategy of research-driven curriculum evolution. Faculty have a track record in national and international research projects in homeland and civil security research.

Topics addressed include the following:

  • Analytical methods in homeland and civil security
  • Ethics, legal, and social issues (ELSI) of homeland security technologies
  • Civil security research
  • Civil-military interaction in homeland security
  • Comparative homeland and civil security
  • Global environmental change and homeland security
  • Homeland security law
  • Scenario foresight
  • Security cultures
  • Use of new social media in homeland security
  • Homeland security education research
In September 2009, Penn State was named an Intelligence Community Center of Academic Excellence (IC CAE) by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), joining 27 other colleges and universities in a mandate to prepare students for entry-level careers with government agencies. The Penn State Harrisburg School of Public Affairs and is Homeland Security faculty have contributed to making that initiative a success and have organized a series of table top exercises.

Research Resources

Homeland Security Research Guide

Homeland and Civil Security Research collection on ScholarSphere