N.M.A.M. Institute of Technology of the Nitte Education Trust

N.M.A.M. Institute of Technology of the Nitte Education Trust

In 2011, an undergraduate articulation program (2+2) in the fields of Engineering, Engineering Technology, and Computer Science was established between the N.M.A.M. Institute of Technology of the Nitte Education Trust, Karnataka State, India, and Penn State Harrisburg, an undergraduate college and graduate school of The Pennsylvania State University, one of the largest and most widely recognized institutions in the United States.

The 2 + 2 Program

This undergraduate level 2+2 program is available in the following majors: Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering Technology, Mechanical Engineering Technology, and Structural Design and Construction Engineering Technology. 

Under this Program, Nitte students will commence and complete the first two years of their undergraduate studies at Nitte where they will take specific pre-approved courses. 

Upon successful completion of the first two years and after meeting all Program and Penn State admission requirements, Nitte students may transfer to Penn State Harrisburg to complete their studies and earn a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering, engineering technology, or computer science from The Pennsylvania State University, The Capital College.

Admission Procedures


Only students admitted to Nitte as first-semester (freshmen) may participate in this Program.  It is not available to students admitted to Nitte as transfer students.

Student Advising

Nitte is responsible for advising prospective Program participants and providing them with Program procedures, policies, course and degree requirements and curriculum planning guides during the first two years of the Program.

Penn State Harrisburg will provide Nitte with advising guides used by Penn State advisers for each major. The School of Science, Engineering, and Technology will advise Nitte students once they are at Penn State to ensure progress towards graduation.

Advising Guides


Penn State will notify Nitte each year by March 15 how many students Penn State Harrisburg will be able to accept into the Program two academic years subsequent.

Nitte will screen and nominate students for the Program and provide a list of nominated Program candidates to Penn State Harrisburg’s Coordinator for International Admissions no later than September 1 of the applicant’s second year at Nitte, to allow Penn State to track prospective Nitte applications.

Course and Grade Requirements

Interested Nitte students must complete equivalent core and major-specific courses at Nitte as preapproved by Penn State.  Depending on their major, Nitte students must obtain a minimum of 60-65 transferrable credits by the end of the two years at Nitte in order to qualify for the Program.

Nitte students must submit official transcripts showing completion of required coursework with satisfactory grades at Nitte.  Only courses with individual grades of C (Penn State grading scale) or 50/100 (Nitte grading scale) or better may be transferred to Penn State.

Nitte students must have a cumulative grade point average equivalent to 2.5 (Penn State grading scale) and a minimum of a C (2.0 Penn State grading scale) or 50/100 (Nitte grading scale) for specified C or better courses in order to be admitted into the Program. General Education courses will be evaluated by representatives from Penn State Harrisburg and Nitte.

Application Requirements

Nitte students must submit the following application materials no later than October 15 of the applicant’s second year at Nitte:

  • Online undergraduate application;
  • Proof of English language proficiency commensurate with Penn State Undergraduate Admission requirements;
  • Official academic record of course work and transcripts;
  • Secondary school record;
  • Application fee.


Nominated Nitte students that meet the admission requirements will receive an offer of acceptance into the Program from Penn State Harrisburg by December 15.  After an offer of admission is made, the Penn State Directorate of International Student Advising (DISA) will contact the student with instructions on the financial guarantee requirements and the procedure to apply for an I-20 (the document necessary to apply for a visa).  Penn State must receive the acceptance of admission and the complete financial guarantee no later than January 15.

After students have completed their last semester at Nitte they will send their final transcript to the Penn State Harrisburg Admissions Office.  If students do not meet the program requirements by the end of their final semester at Nitte, Penn State’s offer of admission will be withdrawn.

English Language Proficiency

International students whose native language is not English must submit proof of English language proficiency. US citizens and permanent residents are not required to provide proof of English language proficiency, regardless of native language. If you are providing proof of English proficiency based on test scores, please note that the score reports must be official, and that they must be less than two years old. The following are ways in which you can satisfy the language proficiency requirement:

  • TOEFL: A minimum TOEFL score of 80 on the Internet-based TOEFL or 550 on the paper exam (score reports must be official and cannot be more than two years old (code #2660);
  • IELTS: A minimum IELTS score of 6.5 on the academic test
  • SAT score of 530 or higher on the critical reading section (code #2660);
  • ACT score of 24 or higher on the English section (code #3656);
  • IGCSE score of A, B, or C on the English language exam,
  • IB score of 5 or higher on the English A 1 or 2 exam.
  • U.S.College or University:
  • Applicants who have been in a U.S. college or university and have completed two years of full-time academic course work and have a grade of C (2.0) or higher in a standard English composition course will also meet the language proficiency requirement.
  • IECP: Successful completion of Penn State's Intensive English Communication Program (IECP)

Full-time Status 

Students must maintain full-time status with a minimum of 12 credits of coursework each semester at Penn State. Please be advised, students may require more than four semesters to complete Penn State Harrisburg degree requirements, depending upon satisfactory academic progress.


Students may extend their stay at Penn State for a semester to finalize all course requirements.  They must make the decision to extend for a semester in coordination with their academic adviser and DISA in the fourth semester at Penn State (the semester in which their immigration documents expire).

Expenses and Fees


Nitte students are responsible for the payment of Penn State tuition and all required fees, all accommodation expenses, travel expenses, medical insurance, food, textbooks, clothing, personal expenses, costs for passports, visas, visa extensions, or residency permits, and all other debts and incidental expenses incurred during the course of or for the purpose of their study at Penn State Harrisburg.


Program participants will be guaranteed on-campus or off-campus housing as available.  To be guaranteed housing, students must accept their offer of admissions and pay a $100 nonrefundable housing deposit no later than June 30 prior to attending Penn State Harrisburg.  Payment for housing will be the responsibility of each student. 

Health Insurance

While at Penn State, Nitte students must have health insurance coverage which meets Penn State’s insurance standards.  This can be accomplished by purchasing Penn State’s health insurance or by obtaining a waiver from the Penn State Student Health Insurance Office by showing proof (in English) of comparable coverage.