University Police warn students of marijuana laced with toxic substance

The Penn State Harrisburg Police Department has been investigating two reports of possible drug overdoses in the campus community during the past week.

The victims believed that they were smoking marijuana. However, the department has received information that the marijuana may have been laced with a toxic chemical or drug compound. The victims experienced hyper-anxiety and life-threatening heart rates.

Drug distribution, possession and use are illegal, and also violate University policy. In addition to legal ramifications, violation of drug laws may result in disciplinary action including separation from the University, and the violator may be required to participate in a drug abuse assistance or a drug rehabilitation program. The use of illegal drugs also can result in serious, potentially life-threatening medical issues.

Anyone with information about these cases or who may have come into contact with the noted substance is asked to contact the Penn State Harrisburg Police Department at (717)979-7976 or 9-1-1 in an emergency.