Scholarship acknowledges students who assist others

Students in the college's doctoral program in Adult Education who go beyond academic excellence to help fellow students are now being rewarded with a scholarship.

The Blue Sky Women's Learned Society Award for Female Graduate Students in Adult Education has been created by a group of the program's graduates who wish to remain anonymous. The honor is designed to award students who go above and beyond academic excellence and help others in their educational pursuits.

The stated purpose of the award is to offer support to women who have demonstrated a positive and consistent commitment to the betterment of themselves and others while pursuing the doctoral degree in the School of Behavioral Sciences and Education.

The first recipient of the award, Karen McMillen Dielmann of Lebanon said, "I am honored and grateful to be the recipient of the Blue Sky Scholarship in Adult Education. Since enrolling in this doctoral program in the fall of 2003, I have grown as an educator and as a person. I look at things differently now, and with a greater appreciation for aspects of our lives that affect us as educators and as students. The award serves as a way to recognize that success in this doctoral program is more than a completed dissertation and good grades. As adult educators, we build relationships and the award recognizes the importance of encouraging and cultivating those relationships."

The Director of Educational Services at The Good Samaritan Health System in Lebanon, Dielmann continues, "This award comes at a very helpful time for me. Beginning the fall of 2006, my husband and I will have all four of our children in college at one time. Needless to say, the scholarship award will be put to good use!"