Program allows students to obtain a bachelor’s and master’s degree within five years

Penn State Harrisburg will begin offering an integrated undergraduate-graduate program in American Studies beginning in summer 2014. This is the second program of this kind at Penn State Harrisburg.  The college also offers an integrated program in Computer Science.

An integrated program at Penn State helps select students combine a bachelor’s degree with a master's degree as a continuous program of study.

The new program will allow academically superior baccalaureate students enrolled in the American Studies major to obtain a bachelor’s and master’s degree in American Studies within five years.

“This opportunity offers exceptional students early in their study the opportunity to develop long-range academic goals, work with graduate faculty in advancing research and knowledge, and be academically challenged to match the level of their abilities,” said Dr. Peter Idowu, assistant dean for graduate studies at Penn State Harrisburg.  “In and out of the classroom, students in the integrated program are able to network and collaborate with graduate students who are farther along in the specialty areas of interest.  Programs such as this typically lead to lower costs and shorter time period to complete the combined undergraduate and graduate degrees.

 “As a graduate education is increasingly necessary for leadership and management roles in various disciplines, a graduate of the integrated program enters the work force with the knowledge, training, and preparation for a wider range of professional opportunities,” Idowu added.

Applications and advising for the program are available now.