Presentation to explore leadership after disaster

Dr. Holly Angelique, associate professor of community psychology and social change, and Boris Hines, graduate research assistant, will discuss leadership styles exhibited in the aftermath of the Three Mile Island accident, Wednesday, Feb. 13 at noon in the Gallery Lounge, Olmsted Building.

In the wake of an environmental disaster, communities are disrupted and often chaotic.  Effective leadership can help restore community cohesion and improve the outcome, says Angelique.  The discussion “Rock Star, Messiah, and Romantic Figure: Effective Leadership Styles in the Aftermath of an Environmental Disaster - The Case of Harold Denton at Three Mile Island” will present research on nuclear engineer Dr. Harold Denton, who emerged as an unlikely leader after the nuclear disaster at Three Mile Island in 1979.

Angelique and Hines will explore Denton’s efforts during the crisis, components of effective leadership, and how to inspire leadership qualities in others.