Commemorative bench in honor of Dr. Howard Sachs
Commemorative bench in honor of Dr. Howard Sachs
Image: Penn State

Memorial bench honors Dr. Sachs

A commemorative bench has been purchased in memory of Dr. Howard Sachs, former professor of biology, educator, administrator, scientist, and friend of Penn State Harrisburg. Dr. Sachs served the college from 1987 to 2011. He died in 2011.

During his tenure, Dr. Sachs served in numerous roles, including associate dean of research and graduate studies, acting associate dean, and program chair for the college’s environmental programs.  He also was instrumental in bringing the bachelor of science in science degree to campus. 

“Howard was truly knowledgeable and sympathetic to virtually all disciplines represented in the university.  A scientist by training, he was equally at home discussing the social sciences, the liberal arts, and applied fields like business and engineering,” said Professor of Public Policy Dr. Jeremy Plant, who worked closely with Dr. Sachs.  “Even more important, he was a humanist who loved working with others and always took the time and effort to advance their research or just listen to their personal affairs.”

The bench was provided through the Dr. Howard Sachs Memorial Fund, part of the college’s Office of Development commemorative program. Providing the campus community a way to honor those who have made an impact, the program allows patrons to dedicate steel benches, certain species of trees, and books in the campus Library.

For information on the commemorative program, contact 948-6316.