Employment Opportunities (Peer Tutors)

The Learning Center employs undergraduate and graduate peer tutors for a variety of courses, primarily math, writing, science, business, statistics and languages. Writing tutors must be graduate students.

Penn State Harrisburg students with a successful academic record and an interest in assisting other students to learn are invited to apply.  Students can apply at any time.  However, most hiring for a fall semester position is completed before the end of the spring semester.

PLEASE NOTE: As part of the hiring process, the Learning Center will require you to provide permission for the Office of Student Accountability and Conflict Response (OSACR)  to release and discuss information with  the Learning Center Director, before you are hired and at any time while you are a Learning Center employee. The information released or discussed will be used to verify that you do not have any current or pending judicial actions or cases within the Office of Student Accountability and Conflict Response (OSACR).  The Learning Center Director will adhere to the Penn State Confidentiality policy.


  • Go to PSU Jobs # 76776
  • Click the “Apply To This Job” button
  • Log in using your PSU user ID and password and complete the questionnaire and forms.

Make sure you have the following personal information before filling out the questionnaire and forms:

  • Education and training history
  • Employment record, including addresses, dates of employment, salary, and job duties
  • US Military Service information, if applicable

Minimum Requirements

  • Tutors usually have completed 30 credits; very occasionally someone with second semester standing with completion of at least 15 credits is hired
  • One semester must have been completed at Penn State Harrisburg before being employed at the Learning Center unless the applicant is a graduate student or has prior experience as a peer tutor at another Penn State campus
  • A or B+ in the course or completion of an equivalent course, or a more in-depth course in the same subject, may be substituted for the actual course
  • Overall GPA of 3.3
  • No current or pending judicial actions or cases within the Office of Student Accountability and Conflict Response (OSACR)
  • Interview with and approval of Learning Center Director
  • Faculty recommendation from the instructor of the course or its equivalent

Responsibilities for Tutors

  • Work with students in a one-to-one learning situation, in a drop-in clinic, or in small groups
  • Clarify academic content as requested by the tutee
  • Assess the student’s study skills: note-taking, daily study skills, time management, problem-solving, test-taking
  • Encourage higher levels of thinking and problem-solving
  • Build the student’s self-confidence
  • Provide understanding and encouragement in the tutee’s adjustment to college life
  • Act as a referral agent in directing students to other campus services
  • Learn from each tutoring experience