ITS Resources and Links

ITS Resources and Links

Accounts and Passwords

For complete information, see our Accounts and Passwords page.


See our Backup Service page.

Computer Labs

Lab hours are on our home page. All Computer Labs on campus are listed in the Room Catalog.

Event Spaces

We handle reservations and setup for certain event spaces. Refer to our Event Spaces Guide or see the AV request for Classroom and Event Spaces form for details.

Laptop Support

Visit our Laptop Support page.

Media Commons

Discover your multimedia options in the Media Commons @ PSH.

Policies and Governance

ITS @ Harrisburg is an administrative unit of the Penn State Harrisburg campus and follows University-wide policies. For more information, see our Policies and Governance page.

Room Catalog and Feedback

The Room Catalog lists every room on campus and the technology in that room. We'd also welcome feedback on your teaching experiences with our technology-enabled rooms.

Storage on the Network

Our Storage on the Network page lists your options for network file storage.

UCS for Phones and Tablets

Our UCS for Phones and Tablets page provides instructions to receive UCS mail on your device.


Our Conferencing Services page will help you get started with using Connect, Polycom, Zoom, and more.


Please reference for information that will get you started using your laptop, tablet, or phone on campus.