Accounts and Passwords

Accounts and Passwords

You may have many accounts and passwords while at Penn State Harrisburg; please read carefully.

The three most commonly utilized account-related items are:

Penn State Access Accounts & Passwords

Password Expiration Notice is also available in other languages

Faculty and Staff PSH LAN Accounts

The PSH LAN account is the account you use to login to your office computer. In classrooms, login using your Access Thumbprint account.

New PSH LAN Accounts

Use the PSH LAN Account Form to request your Penn State Harrisburg LAN Account. Return the form to the Staff Assistant in your department.

Change LAN Password

Simply hit CTRL-ALT-DELETE and choose "Change Password".

Forgot Your LAN Password?

Visit the ITS Office in E302 Olmsted and bring proof of identity. There is no other way to reset your PSH LAN password.

Laptop Accounts & Passwords

Your laptop MAY be set up with a separate, local login ID. If so, you will need to track this ID on your own and you will need to manage the password on your own. If you login to "This Machine" when you login to your laptop, it is not properly configured and you are in danger of losing access to the machine if you forget your password. You are better off if your laptop is set up to login with a PSH LAN Account or an Access Thumbprint account; contact ITS to have your laptop configured correctly.

If your laptop is properly configured to login to the PSH LAN or Access Thumbprint, but you go long stretches without connecting to the network, then your laptop password can be out of synch with your normal password. When you DO connect to the network, you will need to use your current password known to the network, not the lingering out-of-date password known to your laptop.

Unix and Mac Accounts

Most of our Unix and Mac accounts are set up as local login IDs on the machines, not as network-based IDs. Thus you will need to track your username and password on your own for these systems. If you forget the password or need to reset it, ITS can attempt to help. Unix Accounts are managed through Computer Science.